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About: ProximityCast.net Recon Tool

The Recon Tool allows you to enter a street address and have its location converted to Latitude and Longitude coordinates used by GPS devices. Conversely, you can enter Latitude and Longitude coordinates and the Recon Tool converts them the the Street Address most closely related with the coordinates location.

Once the Recon Tool performs the conversion all data is displayed, and a link to Google Maps is made available that lets you Recon the location on Google Maps. This feature allows you to confirm that the correct location has been produced. Occasionally the geocoder used produces the wrong location for street addresses. You can use Google Maps Satellite view to zoom in or zoom out to help confirm accurate location placement. When available you can use Google Maps "Street View" to further confirm the correctness of a location.

The ProximityCast.net Recon Tool uses "The Google Geocoding API".

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